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At Dalorem Heating & A/C, we specialize in a range of HVAC needs for both residential and commercial clients.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and it’s an acronym that refers to the systems in structures that maintain the quality and flow of the air. Most HVAC systems contain several key components, which are the heating unit, the air conditioning unit, and the ductwork that connects to the vents throughout the space. Modern structures often rely on furnaces to produce heated air, while the central air conditioning system includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The HVAC system also includes a filter that restricts contaminants in the air from re-circulating and getting trapped within the ductwork.

HVAC in Wichita Falls, Texas

When an HVAC system is designed, the technicians should take the time to assess the layout of the structure and determine the proper placement of vents and intakes. They must also determine the proper sizing for the furnace and air conditioner to balance efficiency with cost. At Dalorem Heating & A/C, we specialize in a range of HVAC needs for both residential and commercial clients. Our experienced technicians can design and install new systems, repair and replace existing systems, and perform maintenance to extend the lifespans of HVAC systems.

As a veteran-owned HVAC company, we take pride in offering effective and affordable services to every client we serve in the Wichita Falls, Texas area. We’re not only nice to you and your home, but we’re also nice to your wallet. Our company owner has over 25 years of experience, so you can feel confident in our abilities to tackle any HVAC needs that may arise. Contact us to request a quote for service.

At Dalorem Heating & A/C, we offer HVAC services in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Archer City, Vernon, and Henrietta, Texas.


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