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Heating Contractors, Henrietta, TX

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We are dedicated to being the best heating contractors in the area.

It is our firm belief that heating contractors have a duty to provide you with the most cost-effective, yet reliable, solution for any heating issues you might have at your Henrietta, Texas home or business. At Dalorem Heating & A/C, we know that, when you are vulnerable, you might not care about what it costs to fix your furnace – but we care! We will always be nice to your wallet because we are confident you have other financial obligations that shouldn’t take a back seat to protecting your family from a cold winter night.

Heating Contractors in Henrietta, Texas

If you are wondering why we would be so determined to take care of our customers, let us share that our owner, Dan Merola, served our country in the military for 21 years. He is no stranger to putting it all on the line for the protection of others. We even offer discounts to veterans and seniors because that’s just how we roll. We pride ourselves on being competitively because we want you to have the service you deserve at a fair price.

During Dan’s time in the military, he learned a great deal about HVAC systems and brings that knowledge to this company. You benefit from his more than 25 years of experience serving the country and this area’s citizens. He has carefully selected a fully licensed and insured crew with experience and a desire to set the bar high for other heating contractors in the area.

If you would like to know more about how we stand head and shoulders above most heating contractors, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Dalorem Heating & A/C, our heating contractors proudly serve Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Archer City, Vernon, and Henrietta, Texas.