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Regular furnace maintenance can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and issues.

You probably wouldn’t dream of skipping an oil change or two in your vehicle, as this maintenance task is a critical aspect of keeping the engine running smoothly. But your car isn’t the only item you own that needs routine maintenance. Your HVAC system will also benefit from ongoing maintenance, and it’s a task you shouldn’t ignore. Most HVAC equipment manufacturers estimate that their products will last for 10-15 years, but this estimate assumes that the owner is keeping up with regular maintenance. If you skip the seasonal maintenance service, your equipment might not last as long, requiring an expensive replacement sooner. Other problems associated with poorly maintained equipment include a drop in efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and rising energy bills.

Furnace Maintenance in Henrietta, Texas

At Dalorem Heating & A/C, we specialize in HVAC maintenance, including furnace maintenance. We recommend scheduling a furnace maintenance service every fall as the weather starts to cool down but before you begin relying on the heating system more heavily. During this service, our technicians will run the furnace and assess how it operates, including the airflow and temperature control. We’ll also check the various components within the system, remove debris, clear outdoor units, inspect the electrical connections, and replace dirty filters. If anything isn’t working correctly or needs to be replaced, we can take care of the repair right away to keep the warm air flowing throughout the cold winter months.

Regular furnace maintenance can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and issues. This service is the best investment you can make into your HVAC equipment, so contact us to schedule furnace maintenance at your Henrietta, Texas home.

At Dalorem Heating & A/C, we offer furnace maintenance services in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Archer City, Vernon, and Henrietta, Texas.


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