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Summer Refresh: Five Air Conditioner Replacement Tips

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As the hottest part of summer looms on the horizon, is your AC starting to wheeze its last hot breaths? Don’t worry. If your current system is beyond its prime, an air conditioner replacement is the ultimate seasonal refresh.

Summer Refresh: Five Air Conditioner Replacement Tips

Follow these tips to ensure the dog days ahead are no match for your upgrade:

  1. Look for a Reputable Brand. With their low upfront investment, “no name” air conditioner brands might sound like a steal. However, they often cost more in the long run with frequent repairs and poor efficiency. Instead, consider investing in an air conditioner replacement from a trusted manufacturer renowned for their durable, high-performance, and energy-efficient products.
  2. Strike a Balance Between Cost, Efficiency, and Sizing. Just because an AC unit has a very high energy rating doesn’t mean it’s your best choice. Not only will it be less cost-effective initially, but it might also be oversized for your home’s needs. Instead, choose a reasonably well-rated unit that can effectively serve your space while still being affordable to operate and maintain. In Texas, an AC with a SEER2 rating of around 14.3 is suitable for most homes.
  3. Replace the Whole System. To ensure peak performance and energy efficiency, replace your entire AC system at once, including indoor components. Trying to pair old parts with your new unit might hamper its capabilities.
  4. Remember to Register Your Unit. After acquiring your new AC, you’ll need to register it so that it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This will provide added financial protection for your investment.
  5. And of Course, Consult a HVAC Contractor. For professional guidance on choosing and installing the right air conditioner replacement for your home, enlist the services of a qualified contractor from our team at Dalorem Heating & A/C. Our expertise will ensure your unit provides maximum comfort this summer and for many more to come.