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Five Signs That Mean You Need Air Conditioner Repair

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The hot summer months of Texas will soon be upon us. Now is the time to ensure that your air conditioner is ready for the summer. There are signs of needing air conditioner repair to be on the lookout for when you start to use your air conditioning again. Five of these signs are:

1.  Not Cold – A simple way to know that you are in need of air conditioner repair is when your air conditioner stops blowing cold air.

Five Signs That Mean You Need Air Conditioner Repair

2.  Noises – You should never hear noises from your air conditioner. If you do start to notice unusual noises, then you are going to want to call an air conditioner repair service.

3.  Humidity – Your AC unit should cool your home and remove humidity from it. If you are noticing a buildup of humidity in your home, then you need air conditioner repair.

4.  Leaking Water – If you notice water leaking from your AC unit, it is important to have your unit inspected and repaired immediately, as this could be a refrigerant leak, which is poisonous.

5.  Increase in Energy Bills – An unusual increase in your energy bill is a good indication that you need air conditioner repair.

Any one of these five signs is a good reason to call a professional HVAC company to repair and maintain your air conditioner. Give us a call at Dalorem Heating & A/C for all of your HVAC needs. We are well experienced and knowledgeable and are available to help you keep your family and home comfortable all year long.