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Common Furnace Problems That Affect Every Homeowner

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You shouldn’t have to keep a blanket with you at all times when you’re at home. It may be nice to cuddle up with one sometimes, but at some point, it’s time to reach out to a heating contractor to take a look at your furnace if you’re constantly trying to get warm in your home.

Common Furnace Problems That Affect Every Homeowner

Furnace problems are normal as your furnace ages. Here are some common furnace problems that can affect any homeowner.

  • Strange noises. Your furnace shouldn’t sound like it’s rumbling around in an earthquake. If you’re hearing any rattling or squeaking coming from your furnace, there’s likely some sort of mechanical issue going on.
  • Not producing enough heat. A furnace’s most important job is to keep your home heated. Failure to produce an adequate amount of heat is a common furnace problem that can be frustrating to deal with.
  • Airflow issues. Problems with air circulation can point to a number of furnace problems. Frequent cycling and normal wear and tear associated with age are just a couple of possible culprits with airflow problems.
  • Won’t turn on automatically. When you turn up the temperature on your thermostat, your furnace should automatically turn on. However, one common furnace problem is your system simply not turning on at all, which could be caused by a number of issues.

No matter what your furnace problem is, our team of heating contractors here at Dalorem Heating & A/C is prepared to help. We are well-versed in furnace problems, so give us a call today for all of your furnace-related needs.