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3 Things to Avoid While Waiting for Furnace Repair Services

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When the weather is cold outside, it is the practice of almost everyone to head indoors and turn up the furnace. If your furnace is acting temperamental or only blowing cold air, then calling for a furnace repair is likely on your mind! Here at Dalorem Heating & A/C, we want to help you get your furnace repairs taken care of as soon as possible for a price that won’t empty your wallet. We work as quickly as possible, but sometimes you might need to wait a day or two before we can come to your aid with a furnace repair. Here are a few things to avoid in the meantime:

  1. Using unsafe heating options. Fires and carbon monoxide problems happen every year when people try to get creative with their heating sources. If you have a fireplace that is safe and clean, then use it. Otherwise, you might consider purchasing or renting space heaters for your home.

3 Things to Avoid While Waiting for Furnace Repair Services

  1. Staying in separate rooms. Body heat combines to heat a room! Anyone who has ever been in a crowded room can attest to this phenomenon. Rather than everyone staying in their own rooms, close off extra rooms and have everyone in your home congregate in a main area to stay warm together.
  2. Dressing warmly. While a coat is usually for the outside, if it becomes chilly in your home because you are waiting for a furnace repair, then wear it inside, too! Choose warm socks, multiple layers and even a hat to keep yourself comfortably warm indoors.

We hope that these tips have been helpful. If you have questions about our furnace repair services, please contact us today.